The Believe Box

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How to:

To sponsor a child:

Request to sponsor a child by commenting on our FB page or emailing [email protected]

I will email you their name, age, address, and a list of their interests.

You will make them a package (any denomination) and fill it with goodies. 

Send it off to the family.

Sound simple?  IT IS and It is FUN!!!!

Only Rules:

All Believe Boxes must have The Believe Box written on the outside of the package when being shipped. The families need to know what program is sending the package.  If you would like, you can include your contact info for the family.  I have some sponsors who send to the same children regularly.  They have developed beautiful relationships.  Some sponsors wish to remain anonymous.  It is your preference.

We ask that you do not send food or candy sue to allergies and treatments.

Please do not share any of the child's personal info with anyone.  We take their privacy and safety very seriously. 

We ask that you take a picture and share it with us for our webpage.  We do our best to send you a photo of the child opening the box so you can see that smile you created.  It is nice to put faces to names and smiles to children.